Are the arms too much?

This is Activity Tuesday!

Keeping busy and making optimism a way a life can restore your faith in yourself.  ~ Lucile Ball

It seems only right to quote such an example of a quirky, loveable klutz who finds herself in the goofiest of situations.  All of America fell in love with her.  I watch I Love Lucy with my morning coffee almost daily~ it beats the news any day. It reminds me to laugh.

I find the busier I am, the happier I am… even if it is as simple as an art project.  Seeing as the ‘Frozen Tundra’ that we have lived in for the last 3 months has just finally started to melt away but not yet gone I relish a Friday evening in with an art project, a glass of wine, and a good tv show.  Good as in Nashville, Greys Anatomy , & New Girl… I can feel the judgement and I’m totally okay with it. 😉

The Making of My Cover Photo, Ms. Egg  … she didn’t always look so good.

I often have ideas in my head of what I want something to turn out like.  When I explain that idea to someone they usually look at me a little confused and say, “well… I’m sure it will turn out great”, not actually understanding what I am trying to make.  This has happened to me all through school… I wanted to make Scarlet Letter Magnets for my book report, a proposal that was denied until I did it anyway and the teacher loved them so much he saved them for the next year’s example. Or when I made a paper mache toilet with a working seat and lid~ I also received an apology from my teacher for ever doubting my idea.  This seemed like one of those ideas no one would get…so I knew I was on the right track.2014-03-10 15.28.08

First, I needed a fruit bowl since I didn’t have one.  I went to my local Brown Elephant, a thrift store in the  neighborhood.   I went in for a 2 dollar bowl and ended up spending considerably more… per usual.  I got things like these two Lucy dolls. I wish I was kidding. They are from my two favorite episodes, but for real Jess, where am I going to put them?!   Gah- my buyer’s remorse has sunk in which always happens, especially when I cannot make returns. Maybe I’ll gift one to my friend, Robyn, to lift some of the regret… friendship Lucy dolls? It will go with your kitchen.  You’re welcome.

The grocery store parking lot was out-of-control busy and it was like what most non-chicagoians experience only during holiday shopping season except it’s just a typical night here.  I’m grateful I don’t have a 9-5 and I can usually run my errands without the rest of the city.

I think I’m becoming an old woman because the Bagger put my bananas in the same bag with a cantaloupe and a jar of salsa.  They were completely bruised and I was annoyed.  This isn’t a thing to typically bug me so I have to assume it comes with aging. My first job was as a ‘bagologist’ , as my dad called me, at a WI grocery store and I quickly learned people’s tendencies towards their groceries.  It is safe to say that the older the man or the woman the more protective they are of their bananas.  Which reminds me of a story I’ll tell you one day of my dad and his ‘Banana Diet’.

Before I got to crafting,  I called my Friday night buddy for some long distance company.  It won’t be long until we can be lazy on Friday’s together in person, but for now, we text and chat with each other quite contently from afar.  Holly was busy with kindergarten report cards while I kept her updated with my egg progress.

2014-03-08 18.38.33In my head I could see Ms. Egg sitting with a little skirt so as the eggs boiled, I used a hair tie and a coffee filter to make the skirt.  It technically worked but ended up looking totally ugly.  Fail.  I also tried to draw some eyes using a brown crayola marker. HAHAHA~ This did not turn out at all! The bangs especially made the egg look like she was wearing a toupee. Is she winking? Who knows!?  Not to mention don’t use a washable marker it will smear all over the place!  This was going to be a little harder than anticipated. However, if I was 5, Ms. Holly would give me an A+.

I got online and Goo2014-03-08 18.56.38gled egg faces and drew some out to get a little practice to avoid going through all dozen eggs and ending up with all deformed faces. It turns out people are pretty creative when it comes to creating egg faces…Who knew?

2014-03-08 20.50.44

I experimented with arms and legs.  Twisty ties!  I text Holly, “Are the arms too much?”  She responded quickly with a “Yes. But I love the legs!”

I’d say overall I think she turned out great even though I forgot eyelashes on her left eye.  I used a Zot (I love Zots) to stick her on the edge of the fruit bowl.

And then my favorite part ~ Egg Salad for dinner.  Sorry egg faces!

To most this will seem like a pretty lame Friday… no wonder this girl is alone!  But for me- I caught up with a great friend, I exercised my creativity, I trusted and followed through on a vision, I thought positively about projects ahead of me, I made something new and I kept my hands busy~ all in the process of ‘restoring my faith’ in myself’. Success.


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