10 Tips For a Great Staycation!

  Photo from TemporaryItems

1. Break away from the normal hustle and bustle! Do the opposite of what you always do-vacate your life if only for a night.  If you always watch tv, have your phone near by, and computer on leave them at home or at least silence them and read a bit.  If you are always reading and studying watch some awful cable or a made for TV movie.

2. Invite only amazing company with you, the kind that you don’t feel like you have to entertain or take care of… those people who you can stare at with nothing to say and you’re not uncomfortable. This will be handy when you don’t feel like talking. Company is not required by any means.


Meet Robyn! One of my bffs 🙂

3. Practice some of your secret self care.  It’s time to remove the cuticles, pumice your heels,  lotion above the knee,  exfoliate, and pluck those eyebrows. You will feel like a new human being afterwards! They have awesome (and terrifying) lights and a magnifying mirror (also terrifying) – take advantage.


I’m not even that high maintenance of a girl.. promise!

4. Take a bath~ In my dream house I only want one thing  (that’s a lie: I want about 50, it’s a dream house after all) but one thing above all others I want is an amazing, beautiful bath tub that can cover both my knees and my boobs at the same time!  See, I don’t require much.

5. Wear robes! It makes you feel rich and super important 😉 .

6. Jump on the bed and sleep in the shape of a starfish. King size bed is required.


See- working on posting double chinned pics!

7. Try something new.  With all the talk of ‘oil pulling’ I brought coconut oil and tried it out. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.   If your company is of the ‘lover’ variety, well then,  there is quite an expansive list of new things two could do….and if they’re strictly platonic – you could just try a new nail color or conditioning hair mask like I did- it’s almost the same thing.


I would wear cozy socks 24/7.

8. Go somewhere you have never been…If you feel like venturing out of the comforts of luxury  to go somewhere make sure to try somewhere new.  Order dessert ‘to go’ so you can enjoy that something sweet while in your robe and cozy socks with a night-cap of wine, favorite whiskey, or a cup of zen tea.

9.  Sleep in~ don’t forget the Do Not Disturb sign so the housekeeping doesn’t wake you.

10. Enjoy your favorite morning routine as slowly as possible.  Treat yourself to a great breakfast- it’s Staycation after all!


A cloudy day but at great view with my morning coffee!

It’s been a brutally cold polar vortex frozen tundra sub-zero ice land out there for most of us- I’d say we deserve the little R&R of a Staycation!! 


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