Mexication… don’t forget baby powder

This last week was one of the craziest weeks… Crazy Great.  If you’ve been missing me it’s because after completing my move to WI,  celebrating my birthday, I hopped a plane to Mexico!  It was all to celebrate the wedding of my oldest friend, Amanda, to an amazing guy, Scott.  Going to the wedding and the all-inclusive warm oasis  after a torturous winter was a no brainer.. not to mention I would have regretted missing such an important moment for such a dear friend.


As this was my first all-inclusive, tropical vacation I didn’t know exactly what it would entail, who I’d be meeting, and what I’d need exactly.  Thankfully my travel buddy, Claire, and I decided that with our powers combined we’d have it all covered….but there were some things we were missing, some things we nailed on the head, and some things that could have stayed at home. More important than having everything you need -it is ideal that you travel with someone who will makes up for your shortcomings and vice versa, someone who isn’t afraid of your sometimes nudist colony behavior (sorry Claire), who are inclusive of others and fun to be around, will let you borrow things you forgot, and will keep track of time (apparently one of my shortcomings- but only in Mexico).  This is a post to help you All-inclusive novices, like myself, be a little more prepared.


Now obviously there are the essentials- your SPF! Which, truth be told, it is hard to pack enough of it if you are only taking a carry-on.  I typically use enough SPF to fill a  1 qt. bag alone so this was a little tricky.   Don’t stop at 30… make sure to get your 50 on.  You can double up your SPF and save space by making sure your face moisturizer, CC Cremes, and foundation primers have SPF too! Don’t forget your scalp and lips!  Although I am a skin nut who has learned to embrace my pale ass self- I made sure to go tanning before. Protection not vanity.  Believe me it’s worse to get one of those God awful blistering sunburns than to tan a little in a tanning bed.  Besides my freckles you’d hardly notice I had gone for an entire month up to leaving but I didn’t burn- so success! I’m also obsessed with MK toning lotion with caffeine and vitamins to get rid of my cellulite, for real.. it works!  Too bad I couldn’t be that religious about going to the gym before hand.

What you may not think to pack is baby powder!  All I packed to wear were skirts and dresses as I look awful in shorts.  Plus, I love the upside of having instant outfits without much thought.  HOWEVER,  THIGH CHAFING WILL OCCUR!  Unless of course, you are a superhuman woman without touching thighs- no one I know.  I was sooo thankful when I was offered baby powder out of the handbag of a prepared woman- clearly not her first rodeo.  AMEN! Thighs touch away!!

2014-04-14 20.41.06

We were often a sweaty mess… FIVE Make-up life-savers! CC CREME aka Tinted moisturizer with lots of good stuff in it for you.. it’s the perfect coverage, TRANSLUCENT POWDER to help absorb the oil, FINISHING SPRAY which locks in your finished look and will keep your face from melting away, and OIL BLOTTERS to remove the sweat from your upper lip, but not your make-up.  A fun trick if you’re in need of oil blotters but don’t have any:  The paper toilet seat covers in the ladies bathroom are the same material so use those if in a bind! WATERPROOF MASCARA for the ocean.  It won’t matter in the pool because after finding out how many people pee in the water (I know! I was shocked until I broke the seal and had to go 5 times in the span of a couple of hours… you start noticing that NO ONE has left the pool in hours haha. You can judge now, but just wait! )  you won’t put your head under anyhow! Be warned:  None of these product will help with Swass, Swits, or Swoobs, as Kitty and I call them. 😉

2014-04-14 20.42.31

Forget your curling iron.  If you have stick-straight hair like mine- it will be a miracle if you can get any curl to hold even with the strongest hairspray so don’t fight it. Embrace what you got! If you are have long, straight hair like me all you’ll need to  pack your teasing brush, bobby pins and hair spray and you’ll be in good shape. Curly haired friends, I’d imagine some scrunchy mousse stuff…maybe.. I really wouldn’t know.

Forget your beach towels and umbrellas~ they have them there for you! But do remember a beach bag to hull your stuff to the pool and to the beach. They also have a scale for you so you can leave yours at home.   At first I thought this was really mean of them… it is all you can eat afterall! Until I stepped on and I realized that it doesn’t measure in  lbs. and I appeared so much lighter… I pretended it was lbs then! 🙂


A Bubba Keg!! After baby powder this is the next essential. It will keep all your water and cocktails nice and cold!

At least 2 swimsuits and way more outfits than you think you need.. I wore about two a day…same as undies unless of course, you don’t mind going without.  I was thankful that I overdress by nature because every night was a party in the plaza and nice dinners. I would recommend that you bring some dressier outfits and collared shirts for the boys because some of the restaurants did have a bit of a dress code.

Small bills of $10, $5 and $1 s .. From the minute you get off the plane all you really have to pay for are tips and it may be hard to break your $20’s so come prepared.

We had free wi-fi at the resort so we just kept airplane mode on and we could all FB Message, Skype or Whatsup message each other to find out where everyone was and keep in touch with loved ones back home. Make sure your apps are all set!

I have a hard time drinking all the sweet stuff.. I’m your coffee, whisky, redwine, beer and all things dark kind of drinker but in the sun it just doesn’t cut it.  After trying the Bahama Mamas, the Rumladas, the Pina coladas etc..  my favorite drink became the Iceburg.  It is made of mostly draft beer topped with a little frozen margarita!! 🙂  A beer-rita!   It was perfect to keep me cool, feeling good, but not trashed all day long.  Shots of Tequilla are always a solid choice too.

2014-04-14 21.21.31

Band-aids and anti bacterial… ps if you cut your foot they will use Iodine to disinfect the cut leaving your foot brownish yellow and it will take about 30 minutes to get that and a Band-aid so better just to have it on hand.  Thanks Gregorio for patching me up! 🙂  Other things to bring.. headache medicine, tums, travel diaherra or travel constipation medicine depending which way you tend to go.

Long sleeved shirt so after you stay in the sun too long the first day you can cover up the second day.  A sun hat of any kind! 

A Pen in your purse for your customs form on the air plane. Simple I know, but easily forgotten.

Mini Speakers to jam and blare “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel in your room… again, sorry Claire.

Your patience pills so you don’t kill the people on the plane.  Claire and I had a rough trip home of delays, unhelpful flight attendants, pouring rain, etc and etc and etc… Did you know that I HATE to fly!  No… I mean I really I hate it; the way it smells, the air, the way my tummy feels, the waiting, the take off, the landing,  the crying children and not because they are crying but because I feel like crying and no one cares 😉  At least landing and arriving we were greeted at the resort with champagne- somehow this always helps things.  Unfortunately, no one in Chicago hands you a glass upon stepping on the CTA Blueline when your trip is done to keep you from wanting to pull out your hair.

20140404_135957We should have stayed a couple more days so these stressful and exhausting days were further separated by paradise, cocktails, and sun.  Make sure you go at least 5 days; it is worth every penny!  Note to self: next time…take my Mexi-fling up on his offer to pay for me to stay two more days 😉 .

Most importantly:  make your vacation what you want it to be.  If you work hard all year round and all you want to do is go back to the room early and order an obscene amount of free room service, eat two bites of each and watch the free porn channels (for real- they have those) Do it! If you are an excursion, exploring nut- Do it! If you want a massage everyday- Do it! If you want a bloody mary, grapefruit juice, water, coffee, and a smoothie for your breakfast drinks- Do it! If you want to pee in the pool- Do it! If you want to party it up and meet people from around the world- Do it! If you want a mexi-fling- Do it!

2014-04-08 22.51.17

Just to clarify…This was not my Mexi-fling 😉

The point is…

“What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico” – me

“Unless you have to go to the doctor for it” -Claire   LOL!!… Touche.


Be Safe and have fun!! I cannot wait for my next All-Inclusive Vacation!!! 🙂 🙂

                                                And Congrats to Scott and Amanda!!! 20140405_162229



13 thoughts on “Mexication… don’t forget baby powder

  1. This is by far the best post about traveling. We go every year to Cabo, but heading to Cancun Saturday due to the recent storms and damage to our resort in Cabo. Too many sites want you to bring 7 pieces of clothes and get creative, forget about it! You nailed it, the only other thing I would add is a turbi twist(towel for your hair) the resort never offers enough towels and it takes forever when you call and request more.

  2. This was the best article I have read! I’m traveling to Cancun in 2 weeks alone and could not be more thrilled! Now trying to decide what to take to Mexico, well that’s just a challenge. Thank you for sharing, I think if we happened to be at the same resort we would have tons of fun!! Thank you!

  3. So love your article! My hubby & I are leaving tomorrow for Cabo to share our 10th anniversary. I’ve enjoyed your humorous way of letting me know what to bring, & now I’m pretty much set to go!! I’m not a big drinker… But I’ll tell you what- I’m freaking tying one on after all this planning, packing, & nerves! If I wake up in a large pool of my own vomit on the floor of our room-I’m fine with that!! Thanks again!

  4. Ah! Thanks for the tip on baby powder! I would have never thought of that on my own……and because I think my thighs are lovers, bring on the powder! My question is, how long till you need to reapply? Don’t really want to have to lug it around and spread eagle to apply in a Bali bed at the beach or whatnot….. I wonder if vaseline would work as well?

    • Hi Rachel! I got a travel sized baby powder to shove in my purse and could just sprinkle a little on my hands and rub that small amount on; it worked great for most the day. Id put it on like sunscreen in my suit but I was in and out of the water so much it wasn’t as necessary. Dancing though I’d just reapply in the bathroom. I have also come to find that a powder deordant works too! I guess I’d pick both of those over Vaseline, but I’ve never tried it so you never know!

  5. Gold bond makes a great product called friction defense, it looks like a stick of deodarant. Works great and doesn’t wash off in the pool like baby powder. No mess on close and hands.

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