How to Kanip an egg

My Easter Post after Easter.. figures.  Kanipping eggs is a Marking family tradition and apparently a made-up family tradition because I have no idea how to spell it, what it means, and Google has zero information on Kanipping so it must be made up 😉 .   Kanipping eggs was taught to my dad and his siblings when they were young and so passed on to us .  Let me be the first to teach you to Kanip.  Before eating any of your Easter Eggs a battle must happen first!

What you need: Hard boiled eggs and at least one other person who will kanipp with you

How you play: 1. Sitting around a table have your hard-boiled eggs and everyone selects an egg.

2. Pick two people to start and you battle the big end against the big end of your opponent. One of the players holds his egg perfectly still and the other player hits his opponent egg.  One of the eggs will crack and the other will remain the champion.

3. Repeat this for the little end with the opposite person holding their egg still and the other hitting their egg.

4. If both sides of the same egg crack you are out of the game and the only way to get back in is to eat your egg and then you can take another to get back in.  The egg that doesn’t crack goes on and competes as the champion egg or you could do it tournament style if you have a bunch of people playing.

5. If only one side cracks and the other side stays strong you are still in the game.  You just start competing an egg with that corresponding egg’s little or big side.  It is okay to compete little to big side or big to little side but only if it is the only side of your egg remaining.  Feel free to add any rules you and your family feel like adding.

Anyone can Kanipp! Enjoy our video below of us teaching Ravyn, Age 7 and Hudson, Age 3 to Kanipp! Starring my cousin Jaclyn, Age 28.


2014-04-20 16.26.09-1

Ravyn with the Champion Egg!


My Grandma Marking was not only known for her eggs in her fruit salad, but she was a great seamstress and quilter.  She made all of us grandkids unique baby blankets, cloth books and neat dolls.  You would be hard pressed to find anything as unique to her gifts or even remotely compare in your pottery barn kids or Jamboree stores.  Little Ravyn was playing at my aunt’s house during Easter and stumbled among these dolls! What a find!  They are reversible Little Bo Peep and Little Red Riding hood.  Under each skirt is a different doll’s head so that when the skirt flips over it reveals a different character!

Reversible Little Bo Peep and Little Red Riding Hood

Reversible Little Bo Peep and Little Red Riding Hood

 She also found our homemade Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls!

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Although I can’t take credit for this meme …. This about sums up our creative grandma…



We actually tried and somewhat succeeded in a project from Pinterest.   We used Shaving Cream and food coloring instead of the normal vinegar mix and tablets to dye our Easter Eggs.  It was so fun to mix the colors and then swirl the eggs.  One egg I washed off with water and almost all of the dye went away sooo… here is the trick is to let them set over night to really let the dye sit and then just dry off with a paper towel. Do not Rinse!   I would not wash them until you are ready to put them in the refrigerator to eat.

2014-04-19 23.13.48

Swirl the colors together…


2014-04-19 23.19.07Swirl your eggs in the colored shaving cream…

2014-04-19 23.16.13Let sit overnight or for a few hours like this…

2014-04-19 23.33.54Wipe off with a paper towel without rinsing…

2014-04-20 10.22.11Cool huh?!

2014-04-20 10.23.17

I hope that you all a fantastic Easter and enjoyed the warm weather!! FINALLY SPRING IS HERE!

Again, I can’t take credit for this meme but I soo0  thoroughly  enjoyed it that I thought I would share it with you!! To my mom and aunts who don’t know what YOLO means- it translates to You Only Live Once.




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