We have it all backwards!


I have grandiose dreams and I am the queen of making dream boards and pinteresting my perfect life.  I am a firm believer that I will be successful.  And yet I am also the queen of “I’ll start tomorrow”, “I don’t feel like it” , “I’ll start Monday”, etc excuses.  Plainly said I need to get my head out of my ass if I’m going to accomplish the life I have dreamed of.  All the positive literature in the world can’t help me with some of the things I need to work on.  Here are some BullS**t excuses we tell ourselves which are completely BACKWARDS! Myself included!  These Ahas! have helped me change not just my thoughts but my habits (although lord knows, I am a work in progress). 

1. BS: I wish I was more consistent in xyz.  TRUTH: Discipline comes before Consistency.

This is by far the biggest AHA I have ever had!  When I heard a Mary Kay National Sales Director say this, it changed my life!   We all long to be more consistent in our business, our workouts, our eating, our goals, etc.  What we forget and is absolutely essential and that is… discipline comes before consistency.  How can one be more consistent in workouts when you don’t make it to the gym, how can you be consistent in your home business when you don’t show up??  What I did was change what I was saying to myself.  Instead of thinking I have to  meet all of these new people for my business, which was this overwhelming task that would stop me before I started, I starting saying I need to be at a Starbucks (my office) by 9am every day and it doesn’t matter what I do to get there.  I had no expectation of what happened upon my arrival- only that I show up at 9am everyday.  Guess what happened- I met new people everyday because now that you’re there you might as well work and now that I was working guess what I became… CONSISTENT!

My sister works from home and as a bonus can work in her pjs and shower on her lunch break.  She and I were talking about how she wished she could get up in time to shower and get her 4 year old out the door before work started.  Again, sometimes the idea of simple shower is exhausting.  The same way washing your face at the end of the night is.  So the solution to this is stop thinking about the shower and instead be in your bathroom at 7am.  You can go back to sleep on the bathmat if you want once you get there and maybe the first few times you fall right back asleep.  But it would be my estimation that before you know it: you’re awake, in the bathroom, and you decide to shower. Now you shower before work everyday not because you were consistent but because you had the discipline to show up in the bathroom.  Want to be more consistent with your workouts? I think you get it- drive to the gym and go in after work.  Again, it doesn’t matter what you do once you get in the doors- just become disciplined in going there. Get it! Got it!  LIFE CHANGING PRINCIPLE!

2.  BS: Once I get motivated I’ll start working on xyz. TRUTH:   Action comes before Motivation .
We are all guilty of this!  This blog is the perfect example- I rarely become motivated to write until I sit down and start writing and before you know it I am inspired to keep writing and my brain is flooded with more ideas and it’s fun! It’s like a plane getting off the ground and sometimes it takes a lot of WORK and a lot of willing of yourself, but once you hit that altitude it’s clear sailing and you can just glide.   “Someday I’ll feel like getting my paints out and start painting again.” If you are waiting to be inspired and motivated – Guess what?? You’ll probably be waiting a long time!   I bet when you start painting you’ll be motivated to keep going!

3.  BS: If I had more time, I’d get more done. TRUTH:  The busiest people get the most done.

Now this I know to be true! Going full-time with my Mary Kay business may have been one of the worst things I could have done because I had so much time on my hands I got nothing done!  I’m sure you’re reading this thinking yeah right, what I would do if I had all the time in the world.  The answer for most of us is waste it.  Think how much you are able to accomplish right before you go on a vacation or move to new apartment.  I bet you would look at that to-do list and think I can never get all of that done and miraculously you do!  You HAVE to manage your time, you HAVE to be accountable, you HAVE to get it done. Stop thinking that you don’t have the time or that xyz would happen if you did have more time because in most people’s cases it’s just not true.  Just merely thinking about my years in college getting home from rehearsals at 10pm and staying up to write a 15 page Spanish paper to be at English class the next morning at 8am I’m exhausted, but I did it.   You are capable of so much! BELIEVE IT!  People in motion stay in motion and if you want something done give it to the busiest person and it will be.

4.  BS: I’ll wait for the right time to start it. TRUTH:   There is NEVER a good time to start something new.

You’ll wait forever if you are waiting for the ‘right’ time to start something new.   People use this as an excuse WAY too much and frankly I’m tired of hearing it!  If you waited for every light to turn green on your way home- you would never leave work.  I wanted to start piano lessons when I was in high school and never really did. Well today, I would have been playing piano for over 11 years!  I started lessons last fall finally. 🙂  My point is- stop it! Start what you want and if there is a hiccup, so be it! You’ll overcome it, but at least 10 years from now you won’t be saying I should have done xy or z.

5.  BS: I’ll start saving money once I have it.  TRUTH:  Once you start managing and saving your money you’ll have it.  

Tell me, if I were to say to you: “I’ll start eating right once I lose weight”, would you think I was off my rocker??  How is the above BS Statement any less crazy!    Master the level you are on and you will be promoted to the next level.  Why should you be trusted to handle anything larger than what you have when you can’t handle what you have been given!?  Stop with the crazy belief that you’ll never save money because you don’t have any because it is nothing but BS.  Getting real now! 😉

6.  BS: I need to give up my bad habits cold turkey.  TRUTH:  To change your habit you must REPLACE it with a new habit.

This is something on the forefront of my mind lately and something I am working on.  During winter I pick up all sorts of awful habits.  A lot have to do with Netflix and HGTV right now… if I’m being honest.  And again I can say ‘ugh, i really need to give up tv.’  but the truth is unless I replace that activity with something else I will never give it up.  Whether it’s a walk straight away in the morning to shake up my routine, a great new book, or another activity- I’m going to have to find something to fill the gap to replace my old bad habit. This is true of all habits.

7.  BS: The advice I receive from my friends and family is good advice and in my best interest.  TRUTH:  Take advice ONLY from people you would change positions with.

I am so passionate about this bit of BS because we are all guilty of it.  Sometimes it makes perfect sense -I wouldn’t ask someone how to lose weight who was overweight just like I wouldn’t ask someone for financial advice who was broke.  And yet, we are totally guilty of asking relationship advice from someone in a relationship we don’t admire.  We take professional advice on our careers or options when we wouldn’t want their job, their life, or their income.  We let other people’s opinion (and believe me everyone has an opinion they want you to hear!) change what our gut feels, what we want for our life and it just is backwards!  So when someone gives you their unsolicited advice, ask yourself,  do I respect and admire that area of their life  and would I change spots with that person in that category of their life?