How did Carrie Bradshaw Do It?

Some of you may have caught on and some of you may not have… but I’m in love.  And my question is how in the world did Carrie Bradshaw do it? How did she openly write about the questions, concerns, and silly happenings of her current relationships.  I mean, didn’t Big read the paper every week to have open insight into the head of Carrie?  Yet they never seemed to talk about it! So here I am, happy in love with this man- knowing he will read this blog post and wanting to catch you all up- so what to talk about?!


I could start with how we met, but as that was almost a year ago I’ll start with what I love about him- that seems like a safe topic that won’t get me in trouble. 😉

First, he loves me.  And as my blog celebrates the quirkiness of life, let me tell you that he fully loves all of me and the crazy things that make me-me.  But you’re thinking….  ‘Jess, you have it all together what’s not to love?’  This would be the time all the gals I’ve ever lived with chime in with a giant “HA!” in the comment section of this post!

My FIRST  time meeting his friends for Sushi I spilt my glass of wine all over the table (which they pre-ordered for me),  I have lost and left my phone COUNTLESS places, I have successfully given him ringworm, I have taken him to the wrong side of the ferry just to take it back to where we came from without knowing I had led him in a complete circle until half way back around, I have made him dress up as Bing Bong with my family, my cousins call him Jeff, he has to put up with my car sickness and me crying for the sake of a “good cry”,  I mispronounce words, make up words, I write run-on sentences, I combine thoughts and he understands what I’m saying, I showed him my African dance moves on our second date, I made him into a brown egg for this blog.  I mean I could be wrong, but I’m a pretty lucky girl.


Secondly, all the qualities that make him- him. I love that he’s smart and can speak 3 languages! I love that he listens to musical theatre, that he reads, we can go to church together, he’s got the BEST laugh, he needles me (not that he does it, but that knows what to needle me about), he is amazing at analogies,  he likes to give backrubs, that he reaches out to invite my friend’s husbands to play golf or tennis, that he’s active, that he cooks for me even when he has to make one spicy for himself and one mild for me, he makes me coffee and brings me chocolates, he is thoughtful and keeps great friends, he is a great listener, he thinks big, believes in both of our dreams and to top it off he is stinkin’ cute!

If you are single, you may want to throw up and if you are with someone you may not care about this post.  I am so used to sharing and writing about the awful dating stories that amuse everyone- including myself sometimes.  But when it comes to writing about finding a stellar guy- it’s foreign and strange.  Thanks for bearing with me as I practice.  I have a ways to go before I’m a common day Carrie Bradshaw.