This just in: Kiwi on Potato Salad!

My mind is blown! I stopped by my aunt and uncle’s house Saturday evening to bring some crock-pot dinners for the week as my aunt recovers from a hospital stay.  When they thanked me, I told them to hold the thanks until they taste the food as I had not tested a single one of the recipes.  My uncle reminded me of his words at my grandma’s funeral that the cooking skips a generation and so he was sure it would be great.  It wasn’t until now as I am writing this that I really get what his theory implies about my cooking! I’m in the same category as my grandma! I suppose I’ll accept that- deliciousness with a side of creativity! But then he said something that blew my mind…

“At least you don’t put kiwis on top of potato salad.”

“Come again?” I asked.  “You mean hard boiled eggs on fruit salads?” My uncle replied, “She did both.”

What!?! This is amazing!! Oh the possibilities!  Meet Mr. Kiwi!




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