Thanks Pinterest… another Hobby for me to start

Thanks Pinterest… for yet another hobby for me to want to start!  I notice, however, that you do not send anyone to help me finish my projects?!?!

Thanks Pinterest.. another hobby to start and never finish!

Thanks Pinterest.. another hobby to start and never finish!

I don’t know if you know this about me yet, but I want to do it all.  Professors used to tell us going into acting that if there is anything else you can imagine doing with your life- do that instead.  It is surely going to be an easier life if you do.  The problem with that question for me was there was no doubt I wanted to be an actress however, I could also see and still see myself being an art teacher, running a non profit for women and children, working for the girl scout council, teaching children’s theatre, a blog sensation, a Mary Kay National, professional organizer, owning and running an events space, women’s rights activist, children’s book author, and about a million more professions and careers.    Those do not include my hobbies of becoming a great piano player, catching up on my scrapbooks (that’s laughable now), baking, being a yogi, obtaining my killer body, mentoring, entertaining… and forget me listing my interests because I think you get it!

Pinterest was made for people like me- people who are easily awwed and think they can do it all.  So we pin like crazy thinking in the near future we will remember to go to that page and do that craft.   In reality, we have too many things going on to start and if by some stroke of a miracle we do complete it- we are disappointed it didn’t turn out like perfection.  Indeed, it turns into a ‘pinterest fail’.

That’s where my story begins…. So there I was on pinterest and saw this awesome map of the USA and each state was filled with an individual photo from when that couple had visited that particular state.  What an awesome idea and immediately I thought of my dad who has been to every state and was soon turning 60.  How great would it be to include pictures from when he was a boy, when my mom and him were first dating, taking us kids growing up, and now their retired trips!  Angie thought I was crazy for starting this project and I thought ‘oh it will be easy!’ … I should have listened, but Pinterst made it look so easy! After HOURS/DAYS of tracing every state with tracing paper, exacto-knifing out the foam board, scanning old pictures in the computer, photoshopping photos to make them the right size, printing the photos, tracing the photos, cutting and adhering the photos to foam board that didn’t quite piece together I had a finished- well almost finished map! I will have you know that JUST today- 2 days before October- I finished his map!  I did finish it enough to be able to present it to him on his birthday in June.


I think the wine industry should really be thanking Pinterest because their projects have I’d say a two bottle minimum!  Actually that’s how they should be required to label the level of difficulty/time commitment of each project by the number of glasses of wine similarly to how they put $$ dollar signs next to listings of hotels.  This is what it would look like…

The wine scale for the non- Martha Stewart’s of the world!

 Pinterest Easy Level- only one glass

Pinterest Intermediate Level- only 2 glasses and only mild regret


Pinterest Difficult Level- only 3 glasses of wine, regret, and a few curse words


Pinterest Why did I do this to myself Level- 1-unlimited bottles of wine, hours and hours longer than you thought it would take, serious regret and curse words for all those who make it look easy! 


But what I would really like to share is how this one project has in my world turned into about 14 other projects! Egad- seriously am I the only one with this problem!?!   As Saminu and I were working on it (that’s how I knew he must really like me- he gave up a night with his buddies to help me craft- a keeper for sure) in between our cursing and regret we were saying how we wish we could just buy a US puzzle or pieces that fit better together and that you could just glue your photos to without the whole tracing and exacto-knife process…   so that’s what we did!! Made special for the do it all but not always finish all kind of person!   Now available on Etsy and working on a map for underneath to fit those pieces so you can save your time and your sanity! 🙂 Feel free to still drink the two bottles of wine!   Add Etsy extrodranaire to my list of jobs and life ambitions!

Check it out:

You are welcome- no tracing and no exacto-knifing foam board for hours and hours!

You are welcome- no tracing and no exacto-knifing foam board for hours and hours!

Can Purchase at: